We take pride in making college accessible to more people. Our tuition is more affordable than most four-year programs and private institutions.

If You Are Pursuing a Degree

The cost of a semester (or class) has two parts: tuition and fees.

Tuition 2023-2024

County Residents

$114 per credit hour

Maryland State Residents

$209 per credit hour

Out-of-State Residents

$311 per credit hour

For more information about residency, see our residency policy.

Fees 2023-2024

Registration Fee

$25 per semester

Instructional Service Fee

$47 per credit hour

For help figuring out your costs, see our Tuition and Fee calculator.

* These costs are estimates for planning purposes only. All tuition and fees are subject to change at the sole discretion of the college.

If You Are Not Pursuing a Degree

If you are taking classes for adult education, skill building, or fun, your payment process will be different from students pursuing degrees.

You will pay a fixed registration fee and a cost per class. Please see the Academic Calendar for specifics.

Net Price Calculator

Get the full picture of your college costs based on your living arrangement, residency status, and more with the Net Price Calculator.

Payment Deadlines

We strictly enforce all payment deadlines.

You may pay either on campus during regular business hours or online until 10 p.m. on the day you register. You must pay on the day you register.

If you do not either pay for your classes or have approved financial arrangements made by the date your bill is due, you may be dropped from classes.

If you are dropped, you will need to register for classes again.

Payment Options

You may not need to pay all costs up front. We offer several options, such as a deferred payment plan and a third-party payment plan.

Payment Options

Payment Plan